Step 1: Get to Know the OrigynPlus Basketball

Discover the game-changing features of OrigynPlus: patented DeepGrooves that are three times larger than regular basketball grooves.Understand that the DeepGrooves enable you to train the rotation of your jump shot by focusing on hand placement and follow-through.

Step 2: Hand Placement

Before shooting, take a moment to position your fingers along the DeepGrooves for optimal grip and control. Feel the larger grooves guide your hand, ensuring consistent finger placement with each shot.

Step 3: Follow-Through Excellence

Focus on maintaining a seamless follow-through as you shoot. The DeepGrooves act as a visual guide for your hand’s movement.Aim for a fluid and extended follow-through, allowing the ball to leave your hand with precision and accuracy.

Step 4: Mastering Rotation

As you follow through, pay attention to the rotation of the ball. The DeepGrooves facilitate spin and provide tactile feedback. Practice releasing the ball with a smooth motion, using the DeepGrooves to guide your hand’s path.

Step 5: Consistent Training

Make the OrigynPlus Basketball an integral part of your training routine. Regularly practice shooting drills, emphasizing hand placement, rotation, and follow-through using the DeepGrooves.

Step 6: Track Your Progress

Monitor your improvement by recording and reviewing your shooting sessions with the OrigynPlus Basketball. Observe the changes in your hand placement, rotation, and follow-through over time.

Step 7: Share Your Journey

Inspire others by documenting your training experiences with the OrigynPlus Basketball. Post videos or photos of showcasing your progress and highlight the impact of the OrigynPlus DeepGrooves on your shooting performance!

Remember, the OrigynPlus Basketball is a game-changer in training basketball, and by leveraging its DeepGroove design, you can elevate your shooting skills to new heights. Enjoy the journey, embrace the challenge, and witness your improvement with the OrigynPlus Basketball!

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