Origyn Sport President, Kris Wilkes, details his journey in a New York Times article! Learn more about the President behind Origyn Sport and how the brand was built on perseverance.
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DeepGroove™ Design

  • Grooves are approximately twice the size of a regulation ball for proper hand placement and fingertip control.
  • DeepGroove™ design forces the shooter to extend fingers through shot, creating higher-end quality of release.
  • Develop consistent muscle memory through a sense of touch and feel of the basketball.

orange contrasted grooves

  • Orange stripes, created by the groove color, make it easy to track rotation of spin for proper and consistent shot formation and release.
  • Develop a proper backspin rotation with easy-to-read grooves.
Guaranteed to improve your shot fundamentals and technique.
Training athletes in over 10 different countries worldwide.
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More Products on the Way!

Origyn Sport invented the OrigynPlus Basketball, but that is not the only product we are working on! As former and current athletes, we know that there are many more ways to improve your game! Stay Tuned! More products coming soon!
It all started with the OrigynPlus Basketball.


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