The OrigynPlus Basketball in 3 steps

Hand Placement

Utilize our patented DeepGroove seams to align your hands correctly before your jump shot.

Follow through

After achieving optimum hand placement, our DeepGroove design encourages the shooter to extend their fingers through the shot.


Create rotation during the jump shot by ensuring correct hand positioning and executing a complete follow-through. Additionally, observe your progress through the striking contrast of black and orange colors.

Train different,
Play different
Becoming a better shooter takes practice and repetition.

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Better Shooters
The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it.

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Origyn Sport

DeepGroove Seams

– About 3 times the size of a regulation basketball
– Train your rotation with proper hand placement and follow through

Amplified Grip

– Premium microfiber composite leather
– Better hand control

Enhanced Rotation Visibility

– Visual rotational feedback
– Premium black microfiber composite leather contrasted with our orange patented DeepGroove design

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