Brand Overview

A brand built by athletes, for athletes

A brand built by athletes, for athletes, Origyn Sport, was established in August 2020 by former UCLA basketball standout and Indiana Mr. Basketball Kris Wilkes. After a career-ending injury, Kris pulled together other former athletes to conceive the Origyn Sport brand and create its first product, the Origyn Plus basketball.

Inspired by his love for the game, Origyn Sport is one of the only sports equipment brands built and run by former athletes. The first product, the Origyn Plus basketball, was designed to help the next generation of players improve their game on a whole new level by training and developing their rotation on their jump shot with proper hand placement and follow through.

Mission Statement

Kris Wilkes

CEO & Founder

Kris Wilkes is a former UCLA basketball standout who scored over 1,000 points in his two years at the collegiate level. Before being a PAC-12 phenomenon, he was a McDonald’s All-American (2017) and former Indiana Mr. Basketball winner (2017). Due to a career-ending injury, he channeled his love and passion for the game into Origyn Sport.

Featured twice on New York Times

“After playing basketball since age 3, I have had the privilege of playing and training with all sorts of sport equipment products. When I founded Origyn Sport, the purpose was to create a brand and products created by former athletes of the game. I do not see athletes creating products when I look at similar competitors. Instead, I see corporations that do not care about or know the needs of athletes. At Origyn Sport, we strive to create the highest quality training and playing equipment for athletes around the globe with an athlete’s mind behind every product created.”

Kris Wilkes

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