Origyn Plus Basketball


With seams being about three times the size of a game basketball, our patented design assists athletes in locating the grooves easier. This results in proper hand placement, improved rotation, and better follow through on every jump shot.

An Internationally Trusted DeepGroove Shot Training Basketball.

Canada - Sweden - Australia - England - Denmark - Germany - Switzerland - France - Italy - Belgium - Ukraine

Origyn Sport

DeepGroove Seams

– About 3 times the size of a regulation basketball
– Train your rotation with proper hand placement and follow through

Amplified Grip

– Premium microfiber composite leather
– Better hand control

Enhanced Rotation Visibility

– Visual rotational feedback
– Premium black microfiber composite leather contrasted with our orange patented DeepGroove™ design

Feel the Grooves
Adjust to the grooves nearly three times the size of a game basketball.

Feel the Shot
Feel the DeepGroove as you release your shot.

See the Rotation
Create the rotation, and visually see the rotation.

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DeepGroove Seams

Grooves are almost three times the size of a traditional playing basketball.

Amplified Grip

The OrigynPlus premium black microfiber composite leather, combined with our DeepGroove seams, gives you the best hand and fingertip control.

Enhanced Rotation Visibility

While generating your perfect rotation with proper hand placement and follow through, you can visually see your shots rotation with the color contrast between the bright orange DeepGroove seams and black premium microfiber composite leather.

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