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Rotation in a jump shot is science. The importance of a basketball’s rotation when shooting a jump shot is known as the conservation of angular momentum. Shooting a ball with proper rotation from your fingertips instead of your palm allows two different types of motions to work together: the ball’s speed forward and rotation. The sum of the speed and rotation of the ball, this angular momentum, is maintained (conserved) until the ball hits the rim, which it does at a greater speed and with greater friction than a ball without rotation, and, thus, slows more rapidly. Consequently, it gives your jump shot a softer touch, increasing the chance of going through the hoop. To sum it up, the better your rotation is, the better your chance of making the shot.

The DeepGroove allows you to seam up the ball better, training your hand placement, follow through, and rotation.

At Origyn Sport, we knew we wanted a premium black composite leather for the outer layer of the OrigynPlus basketball. Black absorbs every color of the spectrum, making it easier for us to pick a color for the grooves. The bright pantone orange that we chose for the grooves contrasts the black very well, allowing it to stand out easily and be visualized and identified when seeing your rotation. We also decided to use this orange because it’s the color that best represents the sport of basketball. Orange can also make a person feel more excited, enthused, and happy while working out. This color retains focus and attention.

Although the OrigynPlus meets a traditional basketball’s weight and size requirements, our ball was developed to help athletes during training sessions. The OrigynPlus can be used in a game setting but was designed solely for training usage.

The OrigynPlus basketball was designed to help athletes train and develop their jump shot by honing in on good hand placement and follow through. With the seams being three times the size of a traditional playing basketball, you can now train your hand placement, follow through, and rotation using the DeepGroove seams.

No, the OrigynPlus basketball helps you develop good habits of hand placement, follow through, and rotation, so when you use a traditional playing basketball, it is much easier to locate those grooves. Training these fundamentals daily with the OrigynPlus basketball will help you develop a more consistent jump shot.

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