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Origyn Sport strives to get all of our customers their goods as carefully and efficiently as possible. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that your product is correctly manufactured, in good shape, and handled with care before shipment. These factors may cause delays every once in a while. Our team will do our very best to keep each customer up-to-date with the status of their order via email. If a customer has any question about their order status, please email us at
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OrigynPlus Basketball

On September 6, 2021, Origyn Sport will officially release 2,000 OrigynPlus Basketballs for sale. 1,000 of the basketballs will be size 7 (29.5) and the other 1,000 basketballs will be size 6 (28.5). The first 2,000 basketballs ordered will be shipped within 7-10 business days or sooner, depending on demand, and any order 2,001+ will be on backorder. These backorders will be fulfilled immediately upon production completion and arrival of goods to Origyn Sport. Origyn Sport is currently already producing more OrigynPlus Basketballs, so please do not hesitate to order! Please note that delays may occur due to high demand and congestion around the world. Origyn Sport will update all customers frequently on the status of their backorder, ETA of shipment, and any other details. Thank you for your understanding and support and our team cannot wait for you to be able to utilize the OrigynPlus Basketball to better your game! Customers will be able to contact Origyn Sport with any questions following the link below.
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