OrigynPlus Basketball

Patented Technology. Deeper Grooves. Wider Grooves. Vibrant Color Contrast.

A product used by thousands of players at all levels to improve your shooting mechanics and ability.

Training athletes in 11 different countries worldwide:
* United States
* Canada
* Sweden
* Australia
* England
* Denmark
* Germany
* Switzerland
* France
* Italy
* Belgium
* Ukraine


ADVANCED SEAMS/GROOVES: Wider and deeper grooves allow the athlete to train continuously to find the grooves in order to get a better feel of the basketball when shooting. Muscle memory is built up to feel for and locate the groove on each shot. This technique can help improve the quality, rotation, and backspin of an athlete's shot. 
AMPLIFIED GRIP: The microfiber composite leather cover around the ball, in combination with larger grooves, makes the ball more suitable to control. The feel for the basketball is enhanced. This teaches athletes to always find the grooves and strive for proper technique on every shot.
ENHANCED ROTATION VISIBILITY: The contrast of the black leather sections and pantone orange grooves allows for more clarification on the backspin rotation of each shot. When a ball is shot correctly, athlete's are able to see the uniform rotation of the grooves.

"Feel the Groove" and "Seam it Up"

What Separates OrigynPlus Basketball?

The OrigynPlus Basketball is a brand new, training basketball with a patented design that has been tested by over 2,500 athletes! This basketball is unlike any other training product. Offering a brand-new design, this basketball was created to incorporate training of undertaught, but very crucial, concepts within the game of basketball. The OrigynPlus Basketball was highly engineered and designed with high volumes of thought, purpose, and effort. Deeper and wider grooves between the panels of the basketball channel players to engage in building muscle memory to locate the grooves every time they prepare to shoot the ball. This concept enhances players' ability to increase their shooting abilities and percentages. Furthermore, the thought-out process of incorporating the pantone orange grooves between the black panels of the ball allows for players to obtain a better visual of their shot release. The rotation of the basketball gives players proper feedback on the quality of their release. The OrigynPlus Basketball is the first product ever created that intermingles both of these concepts that must be trained upon within the game of basketball.
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Purpose - Train TRUE

OrigynPlus Basketball is intended to be utilized as a training tool for all basketball players. With enhanced, deeper, and wider grooves, this basketball trains players to utilize the grooves of the basketball while playing the game.

Learn more by viewing the OrigynPlus Science behind the basketball.

  • For indoor use.
    • Capable of outdoor use.
  • For training use.
    • Capable of gameplay use.
  • The Microfiber Composite leather covering creates a comfortable use of the ball. This leather is often used in regulation gameplay, so the Origyn Sport Team created the basketball with this same material in the panels.
  • Improve shooting ability by training yourself to seam the basketball up and see the rotation on every shot.
    • You do not need a trainer to do this anymore!
    • Over 2,500 athletes have been tested with this product! The vast majority of athletes noticed a major difference in their shooting ability!


Basketball Sizing Chart

  • 29.5" (size 7): ball suitable for men and boys ages 14 and older.
  • 28.5” (size 6): ball suitable for women and girls ages 8 and older and boys ages 8-14.
  • Note: The above ranges are not standard across all leagues. Check your local league to ensure applicable sizing.
  • Brand: Origyn Sport.
  • Product: OrigynPlus Basketball
  • SKU: OSOPLUSB-29.5  /  OSOPLUSB-28.5
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