OrigynPlus Basketball Reviews and Testimonials

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"My daughters love this basketball. It works and I have truly seen a difference in their improvement!"
Anika T.
"I have without a doubt noticed a major difference in my release. It is cleaner and much more pure after using this basketball! The best part is that I only used this ball for 2 weeks and noticed a huge difference!"
Sam L.
"The OrigynPlus Basketball has been a game changer! My shooting percentages have increased by 8% over the past month of using this basketball and then playing. It works!"
Johnny S.
"OrigynPlus Basketball is a great product. It makes sense and it does what it is supposed to do! I would highly recommend having your son or daughter utilize this tool in training!"
Wenda K.
"I felt my fingers automatically adjusting to locate the grooves on the normal basketball after training with the OrigynPlus Basketball. My release was better because I had more control of the ball when I shot it."
Zachary Z.
"This basketball changed my game for the better. I realized a huge upgrade in the quality of my shot release and I have been making many more shots since I started training with this basketball."
Kennedy A.
"I’m a hooper and I use the ball and it is the best ball out!"
Coretni O.
"OrigynPlus Basketball made my shot more pure within 2 weeks of training. Five star product hands down."
Shawn P.
"Origyn Sport and the training basketball that they have created is second to none. My daughter has been using this basketball in training sessions and has improved in a great way."
Joshua S.
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