About Origyn Sport

Brand Overview

A brand built by athletes, for athletes.

Origyn Sport was born in August 2020. Former and current athletes within the sport of basketball got together and wanted to create a new training method to teach both the current and the next generation how to improve their shooting skills. All individuals are from Indianapolis, IN. Kris Wilkes, former UCLA basketball standout and 2017 McDonald’s All-American, Skip Mills, former professional basketball player. The first product, the OrigynPlus Basketball, was designed to help the next generation of players improve their game on a whole new level. As the brand is set to launch with their initial product in September 2021, the innovation to create more helpful and purposeful products continues to progress. Origyn Sport is on a mission to teach athletes of all kinds to “train different”, so that they will “play different”. Our products will give any athlete, no matter what age or skill, that opportunity.

Mission Statement

Built by athletes, Origyn Sport strives to be a brand built on passion for improvement. How you train is how you play. We believe that hard work, dedication, and preparation are all aspects of seeing success. With each and every product created, we strive to help train the current and next generation of athletes. Incorporating these aspects with a unique, purpose-based training ritual, athletes will possess the ability to produce better results for when it is time to perform. Train Different. Play Different.

Kris Wilkes

CEO & Founder
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Contact: Kris@origynsport.com

Kris Wilkes is a former UCLA basketball standout who scored over 1,000 points in his 2 years at the collegiate level. Prior to being a PAC-12 phenomenon, he was a McDonald's All-American (2017) and former Indiana Mr. Basketball winner (2017). Due to a career ending injury, he channelled his love and passion of the game into Origyn Sport.

“After playing basketball at all different levels, I was able to train with many different products throughout my career. When we founded Origyn Sport, the purpose was to pave a way for the next generation of athletes to be able to have the most advanced new training products. I am glad that I am able to share some of my knowledge and wisdom through all of our different products!”
~ Kris Wilkes

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